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Our story

We are a group of Israeli alumni of UK and US universities who believe in the impact and value the experience provided us.

Throughout the years, we have become obsessed with helping Israelis to get accepted and make their dream come true.

One of the achievements we are especially proud of was setting up "Noga Consultancy", a boutique admissions consulting company to make the studies in top universities more accessible, and to bridge societal gaps once returning to Israel.

We are grateful to all our partners, in Israel, the UK and the US

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our experience

During our studies, we witnessed, first-hand, the value of having an Israeli voice on campus-to answer questions, share different perspectives and counter misconceptions.



Graduating Students


We hope that by granting scholarships and enabling more Israelis to study in the UK and US, we will bring back Israelis who are better equipped, more knowledgeable and in a stronger place to assume leadership positions and improve society as a whole.


We are non-partisan, and believe in the need to showcase Israel of all its people, values, cultures and religions.

Graduating Students
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