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Israel Leadership Foundation


Cultivating  the next generation of Israel Leadership in the UK and the US

In a world where opinions and ideologies are established in universities, there is a need for a strong and balancing Israeli voice. The Israel Leadership Foundation(ILF) is the first of its kind in scope and prestige and it provides individual scholarships of up to $10000 to the next generation of leaders.

During their academic experience, the Israeli fellows will transform the way in which Israel is being discussed, while educating and inspiring others around them, Jewish and non-Jewish alike. By utilizing their knowledge and background, these Israelis will share a fresh and personal perspective, counter antisemitism and balance the conversation. Upon graduation, these Israeli leaders will bring back with them a global understanding of markets and cultures, and connections to future decision-makers, which will enhance the Israeli economy and society.

Which scholarships are we offering?

Thanks to the generosity of our partners, we are able to offer more scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic year

Kosher Cookies

My Israeli story

This scholarship is given to applicants from all areas of studies, and all types of degrees (Bachelors, Masters, PhD). If you are interested in sharing your Israeli story, and connection to Israel, with your peers, and make an impact from a personal level, this scholarship is for you

Giving a Speech

Combating antisemitism

Are you concerned about how antisemitism is discussed and exhibited on campus? are you proudly and actively willing to mentor Jewish students and lead activities? this scholarship will be given to students from all areas of studies who are interested in countering antisemitism, and proactively changing the narrative across UK and US campuses


Coexistence and peace

Interested in influencing an area that will impact the generations after us? This scholarship will be given to students who are studying degrees that relate to conflict resolution, negotiations, and any topic that can be utilized to create a dialogue around the Israel-Palestinian conflict. 

Eastbourne College England

Eligibility-criteria for submission

  • An applicant must be an Israeli citizen

  • An applicant must have received an unconditional offer from a UK or US university

  • There is an aspiration for gender balance between men and women

  • ***If you are already a student, and you would like to apply for funding for the next academic year, you are eligible to submit an application

Fellowship timeline(subject to changes)

Business Presentation
  • May 2nd- applications open for submission via online form

  • June 10th- applications close for submission

  • By July 1st- Screening process and chosen applicants are shortlisted

  • July 1st-July 10th- Interview by a member of the selection committee

  • July 20th- Fellows are announced

Application requirements

Writing an application
  • An up-to-date version of CV

  • Proof of acceptance by a UK or US university

  • Essays submitted to university

  • A short paragraph, up to 500 words detailing how you are planning to make an impact in regards to one (or more) of the scholarships offered (My Israeli story, Combating antisemitism, Coexistence and peace)

  • In the form, please choose *one* of the scholarships you are applying for (My Israeli story, Combating antisemitism, Coexistence and peace)

  • We are looking for "doers" - people who will give us examples of how they intend to make a real difference through actions on campus

  • In the form you will have a place to share any other grants you have accepted/already received

To submit the application, please fill out the form with the requested information

Any queries will be answered once the application opens. Any emails sent before the opening date won't be answered


The UCL Israel Alumni Association-Chaim Herzog Awards Programme

Our Partners

The Jewish Student AID Trust

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About us

Graduation Ceremony

We represent a group of Israeli leaders and C-level executives who studied in the UK and US. After being exposed to harmful rhetoric and acts of ignorance related to our home country, we returned to Israel with the will to make a difference. We believe in the voice of Israelis, and their ability to make a change. By being involved on campus, our  Fellows will make a much-needed difference and we hope, could educate about Israel and Israelis through their personal story.

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